eCar - electronic catalogue

eCar is an electronic catalogue of products offered by Polcar, which is dedicated to automotive specialists cooperating with local distributors of Polcar.

The application is updated every day with database and stock quantities making possible the simultaneous analysis of large compilations of records and the comparison of many part cards on a single screen.

High-resolution and detailed pictures, taken in our own photo studio, make these single-screen comparisons an excellent tool to identify body, thermal and wear parts.

Every part presented in the catalogue has a quality mark in accordance with EU Regulation No 461/2010 (GVO).

This catalogue is a unique tool to compare spare parts whilst taking into consideration quality and price.

The main features of eCar are:
  • multilingual interface
  • single-screen simultaneous comparisons of selected parts with their pictures and details
  • printing/sending of spare part cards including pictures and details
  • 110 000 photos/sketches
  • shopping basket helpful in preparing orders
Click here to download  application.
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