About company

About company

Multimedia and gallery
If you've never visited the Polcar logistic center, we kindly invite you to view this multimedia presentation to get to know our company.

4. stage of the extension of the Distribution Center in Wólka Kosowska - film

Film - on the occasion of our 30th birthday

On the occasion of our 30th birthday, we made a film telling a brief version of the company story, which showed the development of a tiny firm into one of the biggest distributors of auto parts in Europe.

Exclusive interview with Andrzej Senkowski, CEO of Polcar 

Film - Polcar at Automechanica Frankfurt 2018

Virtual tour

After watching the film please take the virtual tour to see how the logistic center operates.

Polcar, virtual tour, details of the logistic center

Company profile

Polcar multimedia presentation.

Polcar, Company profile

Photo gallery

Polcar through the camera lens.

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