Commercial offer

Commercial offer

Main product groups

The parts offered by Polcar are the result of our know how and careful selection.

The offer was formed separately for main groupings of body parts, radiators, lighting, etc., basing on engineering knowledge, production technology analysis,  requirement evaluation and customer expectations.

Body parts and accessories  

  • body parts, grills, bumpers, crossmembers and reinforcements, repair panels
  • security systems: door handles, lock sets, door and steering locks, cylinders and ignition switches
  • fuel cans
  • mirrors: complete mirrors, glass bases, covers, glasses, door mirror actuator, universal door mirrors for trucks and vans, tuning mirrors
  • plastic inner fenders and engine undertrays, mudguards
  • automotive fluids for brakes, hydraulics, radiators and washers
  • window regulators: electric and manual, repair kits
  • clamps and mounting parts, door seals
  • gas springs for tailgates and bonnets/hoods
  • floor mats and trunk inserts
  • wipers (blades and arms), pumps, motors and tanks

Chassis parts 

  • steering parts: knuckles, racks, rods, pumps and components
  • suspension parts: shock absorbers and elements, engine, transmission and drive system mountings, control arms and components, leaf/coil springs and components, stabilizers, suspension frames, beams, tension rods, etc.
  • braking systems: discs, drums, elastic brake hoses, pads, repair kits, wear indicators, wheel brake cylinders

Transmission parts 

  • complete drive shafts and parts
  • boots, CV-joints
  • clutches: clutch kits, discs, pressure plates, concentric slave cylinders, flywheels, etc.
  • wheel rims and bearings

Engine parts 

  • filters for air, cabin, fuel, oil, hydraulics
  • oil filler caps
  • oil pans
  • timing belt tensioners, belts and pulleys


  • headlamps, leveling motors, flashers, fog lamps, driving lamps, parking lamps, tail lights, etc.
  • tuning and auxiliary lamps
  • bulbs

Fuel system parts 

  • pumps
  • caps
  • tanks

Thermal systems 

  • radiators
  • oil radiators
  • intercoolers
  • heaters
  • water pumps
  • condensers
  • viscous clutches
  • thermostats
  • radiator fans
  • interior blowers
  • expansion tanks, level sensors and radiator caps

Electrical parts 

  • air flow sensors, exhaust gas recirculation valves, idle speed controllers, ignition coils, modules and cables, lambda sensors, potentiometer throttle valves, spark/glow plugs and connectors, various actuators and sensors
  • steering column switches
  • alternators and starters
  • horns

Workshop equipment 

  • working lights
  • diagnostic equipment
  • A/C service equipment

More information you will find in web catalogue.

Polcar has been active in the automotive market since 1986.

Our experience informs our offer of the highest quality of body, lighting, thermal and wear parts at highly competitive prices. Our vast warehouse capacity is designed to store large-sized elements and a wide choice and range of body parts, mirrors, control arms, shock absorbers, radiators  and the like, which is the reason that our domestic and foreign clientele is growing all the time.

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